Experiencing God through prayer

Experiencing God through prayer

Experiencing God through prayer

An average 21st-century believer has replaced spirituality with religion. We engage in all manner of things we call spiritual activities.

Today to show our commitment level, believing that these things are proof of our spirituality. Still, we have deviated from true spirituality.

Spirituality reveals our love for God, our faith in Him. It is simply a lifestyle of faith, for, without faith, it is impossible to please God. Suppose we can’t please God. We cannot walk with Him in truth and Spirit.

Without faith, we can’t believe in the word of God, and without our belief, we can’t obey.

Religion has kept many Christians in bondage today, doing all manner of things to seek God.

No man can be fruitful in this kingdom through the practice of religion.

Faith is what liberates us from every oppression of the devil; from the burden and weights the devil is using to drag you down, but the Bible says come unto me all ye that thirst, labor and heavy laden and I shall give you rest.

Every man who desires to enjoy intimacy with God through the Holy ghost and desires to do exploits for God must stay and build his capacity and faith. Faith is the only tool a man can engage in enjoying a life of the supernatural.

Inside this book are great insights. That will shift you into another realm. Of faith and help you build capacity in prayers to get answers to every of your prayer requests. It is time for the world to dive deeper in faith and come into the proper knowledge of God. 
I am looking forward. Your testimony, as you study this faith manual. ORDER YOUR COPY NOW ORDER NOW

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